Pool Villas

Take the plunge in Marseillan. Your own pool clse to the village centre




Houses with gardens, character village homes, cottages by the lagoon.



By the beach

VIP villa escape. Your own pool and boulodrome, but just 200 metres from the beach at Grau d Agde.


Take it easy


Dip in your own private pool as the sun rises over the Mediterranean. Then towel yourself dry and walk around the corner to the bakers for piping hot croissants and the crustiest baguette you have ever tastes.. A mug of steaming coffee and a jug of chilled orange juice by the pool - and this is the Full French Breakfast... and this is the life.


Life at La French House is very different, and very, very special.

Stay in a centuries old village house amongst winemakers. or choose a villa with a swimming pool for sheer self indulgence. Special homes for memorable escapes.

Two hidden corners of the French Mediterranean and one unforgettable experience.

Bienvenue chez vous at French House.fr

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